Sumesh MANGALASSERY- Managing Director

Sumesh MANGALASSERY- Managing Director

Sumesh Mangalassery (Managing Director) is a tourism researcher & policy analyst,consultant and campaigner of sustainable tourism for the last 15 years. He is the founder & current director of KABANI – the other direction, a Non Profit Organisation working and campaigning against the negative impact of tourism on local communities and natural resources. His 6 years of experience in running and facilitating community tourism initiatives lead to the development of many Sustainable social entrepreneurship models with the involvement of the host community in tourism destinations in South India. He is an active partner of a larger international network working on sustainable tourism and related issues and  part of various international negotiations such as climate change, sustainable development, international trade etc., and has his vision and views expressed in many national and International publications.  He has led numerous projects of different international and national organizations and has intervened critically into policy related aspects on tourism. His expertise has been shared for the preparation of destination visitor management plans and has also aided in conceptualization and product developments in tourism etc.


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