What we do

KABANI Social Business Services Pvt. Ltd.  is a togetherness of committed people thinking and striving for the cause of their native people and the land that they love. As Kabani, the river flows the other way than Logo others, sure do we, too, do things “the other way.

The Company was created in 2013 as the old form of an NGO did not allow to fully expand the organisation’s operations. Under the new form of a Private Limited, KABANI is now able to fully provide all services it had planned. Those include journeys through our state of Kerala and other states and organisations Kabani was able to enter into cooperation. The private limited serves as a mean to conduct all business activities that where previously impossible under the form of a non-profit organisation.

Non Profit organisation: Kabani - the other directionWe are a social enterprise promoted by KABANI – the other direction (http://www.kabani.org), a non-profit organization along with a group of committed individuals, farmers, fisher folks, and others who love their land and its people. We work towards a sustainable world with deluge of ideas which can change the current development paradigms which is power oriented and based on mass consumption.

Kabani currently employs 5 people on a full-time basis and has various partners across the world, contributing toward the development of the organisation.


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