Ethical homestays in Alleppey

IMG_2426_dellu_300dpiDescribed as the “Venice of the East”,is a town with beautiful Canals, backwaters,beaches and Lagoons. Her history bends back to the middle ages called as the Sangam period( 3rd centurey BCE to 4th century CE) when the Greek and the Rome had started trading with “Kuttanad”- the rice bowl of Kerala, one of the very few places in the world where farming is done below sea level.It is an exciting exploration to visit one of the seven churches found by St. Thomas, one among the 12 desciples of Jesus Christ in 52 AD.

The blooming deposits of fishes and prawns along her coast once a year, is when the folks of the land celebrate the “Chakara” where Fishing and Coir processing are the main economic activities of the land. The back waters here being sited in the RAMSAR Convention (International Convention to protect Wetlands) cIMG_2520_dellu_300dpialls for conservation from the threats of mass consumption of the land and waters by various means.

KABANI calls you here to “See Kuttanad and Save Kuttanad.”


At Alleppey we have two homestay projects:

  1. Near the beach
  2. At the back waters

We also have a ME cottage accommodation to support the small entrepreneurs and guide them towards sustainable tourism practices.


Some Impressions of Allepy:



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