South India Package

We offer home stays and responsible accommodation facilities with farmers, coastal communities, producers and small entrepreneurs where you can experience true Indian village life. Our people and their programmes are set amongst green hills, banks of unique backwaters, serene beaches, delightful climate, diverse culture and lifestyle.

KABANI offers a 21 day long packaged tour programme across various destinations in South India, offering our guests a true village and community experience at the country sides. All these programs are developed with a vision of avoiding the environmental and other ill effects of tourism and with an aim of benefiting the local communities involved.

Sample itinerary:

Day 1 – Bangalore

Start your trip relaxing and meditating at an ashram.

Day 2 – Bangalore

Opportunities to explore the varieties of indigenous cattle and learn more about farming practices. Various spiritual activities available, including Thai Yoga Bodywork, Toksen, or Reiki.

Day 3 – Hegganadevana Kote/HD Kote(3 hour Journey by road)

Relaxing boat river trip, and cross cultural experience with local tribal groups.

Day 4 – HD Kote

Explore the cultural capital of Karnataka, and visit the local palaces and forts.

Day 5 – HD Kote

Enjoy sunrise before an educational experience visiting a local learning centre project, and discover millet farming practices and their context in climate change. Ending the day with a forest safari.

Day 6 – Wayanad – Thrikkaippetta Village ( 5 hours by road)

A warm welcome to your homestay, including village walk through organic gardens.

Day 7 – Wayanad – The Bamboo Village

Discover the ultimate bamboo experience, including shopping at the craft centre. Learn about rubber tapping, traditional weaving and jackfruit processing. After exploring local temple and church, feast with your host family!

Day 8 – Wayanad – A trek to our traditions

Trek the Manikunnu Hills for the morning view! A guided tour around spice and vegetable gardens, followed by an eye-opening experience learning about traditional sustainable living from village elders. Soak up the views of local tea estate, sampling from pluck to cup.

Day 9 – Wayanad – Deep into the nature

Visit to the 3000 years old Edakkal caves and the stunning 300 ft Soojipara waterfalls.

Day 10 – Wayanad – The custom designed Holiday

Choose your activity from relaxing day at the village, traditional fishing, shopping at the market, learning from local craftsmen or discover the art of Mehndi (Henna).

Day 11 – Kozhikode/ Calicut- All about Indigenous traditions

At this famous sea port, learn more about traditional boat making and the local history. See how a local womens’ empowerment program is making a difference.

Day 12 – Kozhikode / Calicut – Market day

Shop away at the market, discover Malabar way of business, and watch the traditional Keralan martial art form: Kalari.

Day 13 – Kozhikode/ Calicut

From learning about sacred beliefs, to fascinating museum, to shopping time.

Day 14 – Fort Kochi ( 5 hours by train )

Chill out to a sunset cruise at sea and a Kathakali performance.

Day 15 – Fort Kochi

A cultural day visiting sites of historical interest and cultural significance.

Day 16 – Alleppey – (1 and a half hour drive by road)

A day between the fishing nets: life at the Coastal regions of Alleppey, in the fisherman’s homestay.

Day 17 – Alleppey -The economic tour

Understand more about organic farming, traditional boat making, and other local economic models.

Day 18 – The Coir tradition

Engage in conversation with our partner GSGSK about local development.

*Option for 2 extra days at Alleppey

Day 19 – Vagamon – (3 Hours by road)

After a visit to Theekkoy hills and Marmala waterfall, have a traditional Ayurveda consultation and relaxing drive through tea estates of the Vagamon hills.

Day 20 – Vagamon

Learn more about local way of life, whilst soaking up views on a trek.

Day 21 – Vagamon

End your trip in awe-inspiring landscapes of meadows and pine forests.


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