Support Small Businesses

KABANI is facilitating a network of Micro and Small enterprises in tourism in India where we work with small business and enterprises to develop sustainable tourism opportunities heling local economies while minimizing negative environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts. We encourage our guests to stay in small resorts, cottages and locally owned guest houses rather than large hotels and accomodation facilities. These accomodation and other facilities share a common vision and are passionate about making tourism more responsible. The accomodations we offer are part of our network that follow a set of standards which ensure sound environmental and social practices.

This programme aims to improve current tourism practices to create a better tourism and to facilitate equitable market access to small and marginalised players. In general, the micro and small enterprises constitutes a very crucial share of the current tourism sector. A  meaningful  and innovative involvement  in this sector  is very essential for achieving  sustainable tourism.

This network intends to supports the small players in tourism who suffer because of poor infrastructure, lack of adequate and updated knowledge and inadequate market linkages. All these weaknesses along with other factors often contribute to an unhealthy competition which makes current system more irresponsible and unsustainable in nature. KABANI helps this micro enterprises to be cost effective, identify their strenghts and weaknesses, encourage them to be a part of  a continous improvement  process  in their business.

Sustainable Tourism
KABANI is working with small entities that have a genuine committment to improve their practices to more be ethical and responsible. We share information, expertise, ideas , best practices, and innovation  to our partners in a very non competive atmosphere. We also provide research, development and training which facilitate enhancement of existing capacities to bring more responsible tourism practices with a larger goal of sustainability.

What we offer
We offer our guests more responsible accomodation facilities which follow certain criteria. The accomodation facilities are small, ecologically and socially  friendly and minimising the negative ill effects of tourism. These facilities also  shares the benefits  with the local economy and while providing  the best comforts for  our guests.

How we monitor the progress
There is so much propaganda floating around on “responsible tourism”, “eco-tourism”, “sustainable tourism”, etc. Where it becomes is very difficult for most people to know what is real and what is not!  . A transparent and participatory reporting mechanism is being developed with the representatives of these enterprises together with KABANI which will monitor the practices and progress of the facilities that  our guests can trust and rely upon.

What is Ecotourism?
The term ecotourism suggests that the nature protection has to be encouraged, that maybe even the local population is included in the conservation activities and tourism, and that tourism will help to finance this conservation.
In Kerala there are two national parks and 17 natural reserves. A lot of them count as hot spots for ecotourism. Particularly famous is the Periyar-animal reservoir in the Idukki-district. For KABANI, Ecotourism means to preserve nature and to preserve humankind by mediating both, paying fair prices, and enabling self-sustained living. The standards that were developed are accessible.Code for Hosts:SME

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