Get involved in our efforts
At KABANI we believe that the inclusive “we” will bring different ideas, resources and creativity which are not biased. Without support from our frienUntitledds, much of the work that KABANI does would not be possible. We believe in people who committed towards a better social cause. So often this belief makes our resources (Social capital!).

How can you part of us?
Be a visitor to one of our Community Tourism Initiatives: We are facilitating many community Tourism initiatives in various parts of the country and which offers better experience to the guests, better benefit sharing mechanisms to the local population and so on. While you are traveling with any of this programme you are indirectly part of our efforts and helping the village development programmes.

Be a volunteer with us: KABANI Socio consultants provide a platform where people can bring their creativity, commitment, skills, dedication etc. We are looking for volunteers (long term and short-term) to help us in our research, campaigns, community tourism initiatives, appropriate technology programme etc. Please bring your skills and use it for a meaningful manner.

Campaign with us: We are advocating responsible tourism practices. Be with us and make sure your voice to be heard against injustices and irresponsible in tourism.

You can invest in community efforts: We are always looking for friends who can invest in village level activities. Many of our community members looking for small investments in agriculture, income generation activities for villagers’ etc. Please bear with us for not receiving charity for the villagers (That’s not going to solve any problem!).

Please feel free to contact us via: for more information.


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