Fort Kochi (Kochi)

It is during the  pre colonial periods of 14th century,when the Chinese arrived here  and the place resembled China and thus takes its name Co- Chin or  “like-China” and for the “Fort” built by the Portuguese. Then came the Dutch and followed by the British, and then with the  Raja of Kochi being deprived of power, Kochi becomes the very first European Colony in India.Once the legendary navigator  Vasco da Gama  was buried here at the St. Francis Church,the oldest church built by the Europeans in India.

Being one of  largest natural harbours on the west coast of India, trade flourishes accross its coast hosting various cultures to live in harmony. The ancient European architecture inlcuding the Santa Cruz Basilicca , the Jewish Synagogue, the Dutch palace and even  the streets here still have a European flavour in its culture.  Much overheard though,the queen of the Arabian sea, Kochi still likes to whisper her historical events to those who reach out to her heart!

Home Stays


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