Invest in Kabani

You can invest in community efforts

KABANI is working very closely with local communities in South India, identifying areas where people need investments that can create positive social benefits, including generating viable financial returns.

We are looking for friends who can make small investments in these village level enterprises related to community tourism, agriculture, and food processing. All these entrepreneurship programmes are designed to bridge the gap between producer or service providers, and customers. We support entrepreneurs with training; providing expertise to make their business sustainable and competitive.

We offer our investors and the communities we work with financial, social, and environmental benefits through their small investment in these programmes.

Community tourism

1. Ethical homestays

Homestays with local families will be developed in Indian villages. The main investment of this programme is training and other expenses to ensure the quality of the services and operations.

2. Joint ventures with small business

Accommodation, renovation of heritage homes to homestay, catering (small restaurants, food courts), and other tourists services such as taxis will be developed by small entrepreneurs. 

3. Invest in the Company

KABANI – Community Tourism and Services private limited is facilitating ethical homestays and small business enterprises in tourism in Indian villages. We provide market support, promotion, quality management and training. Responsible tourism is the need of the hour and rapidly growing market in world tourism. These efforts of the company need investment in order to make its operations more effective.

4. Advance your holiday

 We encourage our guests and travellers to pay for their holiday in advance. This sum will be utilised as an investment for expanding our community tourism and other projects, to prepare our producers and service providers in order to improve their infrastructure and service quality.

5. Marketing Organic products

We intend to support the organic farmers, to ensure a larger reach and fairer price for their products. This will include doing the necessary market research and studying consumer needs. KABANI would invite investment support from entrepreneurs and committed individuals from across the globe for setting up sales outlets and market access for the producers.

 6. Your visit is meaningful

Even your visit as a friend or a traveller to spend your holidays in one of our project. We are encouraging you and your friends to visit us. With your decision to spend a holiday with KABANI’s homestays and the micro enterprises in tourism you promise to support a community enterprise in tourism. You are part of a change!

For more details: Please feel free to contact us at:


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