Fair Trade

The Sustainable development: Our Priority
“Sustainable development is the only solution against the ecological crisis and the economic shortfall in the region of Kerala”.

This was a conclusion to which the founder of URAVU, a welfare organization in Wayanad, came.

KABANI promotes Ecotourism and values linked with! Discover the possibilities how YOU can make a difference and travel responsibly through Kerala. By chosing one of our programmes you can make adifference. You not only get to know the people and thecountry from a different perspective, but you also contribute to numerous aspects and organisations locally:

Your stay influences the hosts who get a wage that enables them to live with their family and provide with an education.
Your stay also means that you discover the nature and the surrounding national parks with locals that are the most knowledgable in this respective field.
Your stay can have an influence on far more people than just the hosts as other little micro enterprises are affected by your choice of journey. Enterprises and businesses such as Rickshaw drivers, market people and many more.

We fully adhere to the concept of sustainable development and are in line with the URAVU ideology (http://www.uravu.net/).

UntitledBy paying fair prices you are an initiator of change. Families build houses for themselves and the guests they are hosting.


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