Our Commitment

Where does your money go?
is very open about its fiancial structure and how we finance our operations. We believe that this is the best approach in oder to gain trust among all locals who work with us and also those who want to travel with us.

More than 60% of the money remains directly in the villages. This means the following:

  • 50% of your money goes to your host(s) directly.
  • 25 % goes directly to KABANI social business services to facilitate and market new community projects and fair products in other parts of the country where people demand their involvement in tourism and supports holistic village development.
  • 15 % will go to KABANI – the other direction, a non profit organisation working against the negative impact of tourism on communities and natural resources. This money will be utilised for research, campaign, training and product development with local communities.
  • 10 % directly goes to the respective village development funds to create awareness on sustainable development activities and help Micro enterprises and other entrepreneurship programmes.

Most of the money you spent for your holiday remains in the villages and support social causes. While you are spending your holiday with us you are a catalyst and part of a change. A true learning experience is waiting for you. Almost all the services and goods available here is from the village and that strengthen their confidence and economy. Many of the service providers are trained to give you better service and for them it is a mutually exchange program. A cultural exchange between the host and guest is taken place.

Benefit sharing is not only about money, it is also about sharing an experience. We believe that when you are travelling with us you will get a deeper insight into the Indian culture than with any other organisation. The fair prices you are paying are replied with honest gratitude and the willingness to introduce you to our rites, customs, and culture.


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