Guide for Visitors

Ethical guide for visitors
We believe in cultural exchanges which enrich the lives of the host community and enhance that of the visitor. The hosts have a role beyond and above that of mere suppliers. Community driven involvement is the basis of all our activities in the villages. Besides being a much-needed supplementary income for the host community of farmers, coastal communities and agriculturalists, this mutual interaction is the start of a journey to the past- to rediscover and respect our environment and our heritage. A partnership and intimate friendship is what we aim for rather than showing the purchasing power of a ‘rich tourist’.

All of us believe that tourism should always benefit local people without harming the environment. It should also not dilute their culture. Our approach to tourism is geared towards giving visitors a memorable and authentic stay while also benefiting the host community

Welcome to the home-stays where you find yourselves being guests of the gods; where hospitality does not begin and end merely with food being served to you and a room provided; but where families share their time and lives with you. Where your privacy is respected but where you are invited to spend time with our families; and get to know them. They would love to know you too.

What you should expect from your homestay:

  • Your hosts are welcoming you into their home, this is not a hotel and that’s what is great about it! Expect authentic village family life.
  • Superb traditional, local food can be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Private, secure and clean bedroom, with clean washing and toilet facilities
  • Please accept there may be some cultural differences between you and your host, this guide will help you
    …enjoy an ethical and enjoyable stay…

Creating sustainable communities:
Our homestays promote tourism that improves the lives of local. Not only does your stay provide a great chance for you to experience Indian family life, you will also have helped generate income for our village fund that helps enhance the community.

Your part in the story
Your money will help deliver community projects that benefit the lives of people like your homestay host(s).

  • 50% of your money goes to your host(s) directly.
  • 25 % goes directly to KABANI social business services to facilitate and market new community projects and fair products in other parts of the country where people demand their involvement in tourism and supports holistic village development.
  • 15 % will go to KABANI – the other direction, a non profit organisation working against the negative impact of tourism on communities and natural resources. This money will be utilised for research, campaign, training and product development with local communities.
  • 10 % directly goes to the respective village development funds to create awareness on sustainable development activities and help Micro enterprises and other entrepreneurship programmes.

How you can help further?
Help us spread the word about our fantastic ethical homestays—tell your friends, share with your networks and blog about us. Visit our facebook page and post the picture of your extraordinary KABANI experience in India.

Happy homestays, happy communities
Our homestays are committed to caring for the places local communities love to live and guests are inspired to visit. We believe tourism should benefit local people, without damaging the environment or diluting traditional unique cultures. Therefore, during your stay, we ask our guests to consider some points to help keep your village stay a beautiful and special place to live and visit…

Tips for an ethical stay:

  • Embrace other cultures, some practices may be different to yours (e.g. religious traditions and meal time etiquette), respect them and maybe even try them.
  • Your culture may be very different to your host(s), demonstrate your practices politely, e.g. dress appropriately (covering legs, chest and shoulders), do not consume alcohol if your family does not, couples should refrain from intimate displays of affection


  • Clean water in India is a precious resource, use wisely, do not waste
  • Help us save energy, turn electrical appliances off when not in use
  • Recycle all that can be (separate materials), composting is available at your homes and reduce waste where possible (especially plastics, we can provide clean water to refill your bottles).
  • Refrain from flushing toilet paper down the toilet, use bins provided


  • Use public transport, it’s inexpensive and better for the environment
  • Your host(s) can provide local information to get the most out of your stay in and around our village

Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics are here accessible: Code of conduct guests


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