KABANI welcomes you to the widely known” Scotland of Asia”, a hill station at the borders of Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala, where this land has been listed in to be one of the 50 most attractive places to visit in India by the National Geographic Traveller! Here can tickle your instincts for adventure acts like trekking, mountaneering, paragliding,rock climbing and more!

Its terrain is  treacherous and dizzying enough to spice up  your travel: here you meet the  local migrated Tamil and Malayalam speaking labour population working in the tea estates. Untouched by commercialization that it can even be inviting for a Spiritual holiday at the serene Cisterican (Trappist) contemplative monastery for monks in India at Kurishu mala here!

The richness of the bio diversity even calls for an exploration tour for the varieties of leaves this place can offer.

At Vagamon, we offer accommodation at a ME cottage resort at a 36 acre farm land within the hills near the Kurishumala Ashram. This enterprise carries a community perspective in its way of operation and has one of  the constructions of   the British born Indian architect, Laurie Baker who had  also spent  for many years here.





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